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Selection of the month :

Kei Kobayashi recently obtained his third Michelin star for his restaurant Kei. The Chef perfectly mixes the French and Japanese cuisines and will surprise you with his creations such as: the smoked salmon with crunchy vegetables, rocket mousse and lemon emulsion; the sea bass; the exotic fruits smoothies and blown sugar. Menus between 58 and 290 Euro. Closed on Sundays, Mondays and for lunch on Thursdays. 5 rue du Coq Héron, 1st.

Le Violon d’Ingres and the Chef Alain Solivérès offer a revisited French cuisine: sea urchin, turbot, foie gras, risotto with cuttlefish ink and squid, rump of lamb with artichockes and for dessert, vanilla millefeuille or churros with chocolate. Menus between 49 and 140 Euro. Open every day. 135 rue Saint-Dominique, 7th.

Jean-François Piège takes control of L’Epi d’Or and offers you to taste simple but delicious dishes: pâté en croûte, foie gras mousse, chickpeas salad with tuna, mussels, croque-madame, rump of lamb with polenta, spare rib with vegetables, beef tartare with French fries and for desserts, rice pudding, orange blossom ice cream with candied orange, chocolate mousse or mandarins salad with bergamot cream. 36-Euro menu. Open every day. 25 rue Jean-Jacques-Rousseau, 1st.

Our favourite addresses :


- Chez Fernand, a simple bistro serving traditional French cuisine in a warm and casual atmosphere, located a few meters away from the hotel only

More upscale

- Allard, a 100 year-old bistro which serves the great classics of French cuisine. It belongs to Alain Ducasse, who by his name only guarantee the quality of food, wines and service.


- Le Christine, a modern French cuisine address which proposes casual delicate dishes and located just next door

More upscale

- Alliance an excellent modern French cuisine (1 Michelin star) in a contemporary décor, located near Notre Dame (10-minute walk from the hotel) on the left bank

Haute cuisine

- Saint James Paris : the most romantic address of Paris in the city’s only château-hotel! You will enjoy a refined French cuisine imagined by the young Chef Adrien Brunet.

- Le Relais Louis XIII, a medieval house of the 17th century rated one Michelin star. Manuel Martinez worked previously at the world-famous Tour d’Argent.

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